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My Crime? I Am A Woman…

He took my rib to make the most dumb thing ever

He took my rib to make the dumbest thing ever

Marxists view the world as a society composed of classes, the clergy view it as a society of sinners and puritans, the philosophers as a society of the observers and the observed, historians and sociologists look at this mortal world as a mixture of cultures, different people look at the world through different eyes. Through the glasses their roles require them to look at this absurd human drama, and yet somewhere we’ve forgotten to look at ourselves as human beings as man and women.

Women in Mangalore are attacked because they are women, moral brigade is up in arms against Frieda Pinto because she is a woman, Fiza is denied justice because she is a woman, acid is thrown on a child on her way to school in Afghanistan because she is a woman, houses are denied to single women and why not? Born out of a man’s rib bone women are to blame for all the miseries in the world. It was Heva or Eve who brought sin to the world, Eve was the reason man was thrown out of Eden and had to face the hardships of the real world. It was Pandora’s curiosity that brought sorrow to the world and Helen’s defiance and love that brought war upon Troy, Draupadi’s Vastraharan that caused Mahabharata, Sita’s beauty that caused Ram to declare a war on Lanka. Women have for centuries been blamed for everything that goes wrong, a child becomes spoilt because of mother’s love, a family looses honor because of a woman’s emotions or love and is often termed as defiance. Man is righteous and hence man will forever be free of blame.

What kind of losers are we to believe in that crap? I mean seriously!?

Our society is fundamentally made of two kinds of people not capitalists and laborers not laymen and clergy, but of man and women. And both have their importance, importance that cannot be denied. A man is nothing without a woman and woman is nothing without a man and this society is nothing without either. And yet women are placed below men when it comes to social hierarchy, why? Well that’s what the Bible teaches us, a woman was made from a man’s rib bone and not from the soil like man, the doomed city of Babylon is represented by the famous whore who sits on a beast. Is our history biased? Or is it that we’re wired that way, wired to accept that women are lesser of a species?

I dunno, but I would like someone to answer that? Why does history portray women as a lesser being? Why do religious texts portray them as whores and gossip mongers? Is it not because men are ready to pay for their carnal desired that women become prostitutes? Is it not because our society has resigned them to the four walls of our homes and kitchen that they find time to gossip and spread rumors?

I mean a man can remain a bachelor if he chooses to no one says a word but why isn’t that the case with women? A man can sleep around with whoever he wishes to but the moment a woman does we call her a woman with a loose character, a slut or a whore? Why are women looked upto as keepers of morality, do men have no share in that?

It’s depressing to see how our societies have evolved over a period of time. Women who once were deities and commanded respect are now beaten up on the streets, acid is thrown on them, their dignity questioned and above all paid lower wages!

I too am a victim of the above mentioned stereotyping, I believe that most, if not all, women are dumb and would prefer to spend my time with men than with a woman.

We seriously need a total brainwashing, we need to erase all the pre-fed data in our brains.

We need change.

I need some grass.


Fuck Generation!

“When Friedrick Nietzsche declared God is dead, FUCK became the most important world in the English language”
~Acharya Osho Rajneesh

Didn’t you love that video? Osho is sheer genius, and perhaps it’s only a genius who can veil subtle and often uncomfortable questions in humor. Veiled in that humor was a rather subtle message about how one word has dominated the vocabulary of our generation.

I did not have anything particular in mind to write about when I finished yesterday’s post. And in search of something interesting to write I started visiting other blogs and what struck me was the use of obscene language when it comes to describing things and as a matter of fact I too am a victim like most people out there.

I have been a swallower of lives; and to know me, just one of me, you’ll have to swallow the lot as well”, wrote Salman Rushdie, in Midnight’s Children. I look at that statement not coming out from Saleem Sinai’s mouth, they aren’t some words that describe the protagonist, instead those words have a universal appeal, those words, in precise terms, describe human nature to the very core.

We are the sum total of all our influences. And thinking about that, I am not just surprised but scared. What are we feeding on? And where will all this rot take us? More importantly what rot will the next generation feed on?

It surprises me how people go ga-ga about heavy metal and subversive literature and underground cartoons and all that jazz; what we fail to realize is that those were things which stemmed out from a certain sort of oppression and the frustration that resulted, it was a way and means of opposing the state, an ideological weapon, a weapon of intellect and not something which was embraced just for the sake of being cool, and swearing by them, living by them, turning them into our bibles we’re making a grave mistake without knowing what they represent.

To get a sense of how much filth surrounds us, I suggest that you visit random blogs or even better observe yourself and keep a tab of how many times you use the word – fuck, shit, crap, cunt and others.

I tried, and I lost a count!

Where’s this word coming from? What is it’s source? How has it managed to poison us without us being able to detect it?

How would we ever be able to explain the loss of words when it come to our vocabulary? How many words have we killed, thanks to our obsession with filth. No matter how proficient writers or orators we may be, these words still linger on the tip of our tongues, waiting for that slip when they might sneak out and poison others.

Damn! I cant write for nuts!

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