To Love Man…

Man is a savage they say, a beast. A beast which the society tames.

Growing up as a kid I was often labeled as a selfish kid, by my parents, my teachers and my peers, for I wouldn’t share my goodies with anyone – chocolates or toys or any other such thing. Gradually, I began to change, for God did not like selfish kids, or so I was told. I started sharing things with others, often with a heavy heart and afraid of the God hiding behind the clouds. But more than God what scared me was the rebuttal of the society, being labeled as selfish all over again and being sidelined.

I was, like many of you reading this, being tamed – to fit into the society – but for some strange reason, within the deepest quarters of my heart I, still was, the same old selfish beast and tried my best not to show my share of goodies to friends and family, lest I be forced to share.

College and grass helped me become the beast again, I dared to call myself one, I dared to call myself selfish and I still do. While the society regards selfishness as a vice, to me its a virtue, a virtue far greater than any other, for somewhere deep inside we are all selfish and we’re scared to accept the truth.

go go said the bird
reality is too much for human kind to bear

said TS Eliot in one of his poems. It actually is too much for us to bear and in the process we created the likes of God, with the kind of vision that’ll embarrass Superman!

We’ve created a perpetual machine against the very basic laws of thermodynamics!

In the process of loving God, being one with him we have forgotten what love means. How can a man love others if he doesn’t know what love is, for to love others he has to love himself first; but that he cannot do for loving himself would mean being selfish and selfish people cannot love others. What kind of illogical beings have they turned us into? How can a man make a music if he knows not what it is?

To be selfish is not a crime, it is the first step in finding yourself, reclaiming your life, a life that you’ll live but once for no one knows what lies beyond and all that we claim to know is based on our imagination!

It is when you become selfish, when you experience yourself, when you see the beauty of the beast within you that you’ll become a man, not otherwise, for unless you see the beauty and the ugliness within you you will not be able humble yourself and experience the beauty elsewhere.

Selfishness taught me the joy of sharing, the joy of being friendly and at the same time being rude, the joy of being able to laugh at myself and above all the joy of loving people and forgiving them.

When I say all this, you’d assume this is all rhetoric, what the fuck is he saying? he has no clue!

Well, for once I know I am not stoned, and that I am in perfect senses and that I make perfect sense. To be able to be a man, a human, you need to be selfish. All the love for god will not reform you, it’ll make you worse. I see it everyday, church going people, cursing each other behind their backs.

Had the good fortune of spending a day at a Leprosy Care Centre here in Hyderabad and I must say it was an experience of a lifetime, for I realized that the social outcasts are at times the most love-able and loving people. Want to spend some more time there. What surprised me was the manner in which the people who accompanied me reacted, a bunch of church going god loving sheep. Their attitude not just disgusted me rather reinforced my belief that loving a non existent god is worse than killing a man.

Where has all this Godliness brought us? People are up in arms against each other, be it Hindu Fanatics in India, Muslim Fanatics in Pakistan, Jewish Fanatics in the Middle East or Christian Fanatics elsewhere. Religion and Gods have left us with nothing but misery, they have divided our hearts and filled us with hatred.

Dostoevsky was right when he said that Roman Catholicism is worse than atheism infact any organized religion is worse than atheism.

The need of the hour is not to seek the non existent god within us but to seek the human within us.

The need of the hour is to make a new man of us, to transform ourselves into humans and not some brainless sheep herded by an unknown and unseen shepherd and to work towards a new world order devoid of these forces that divide us and spread nothing but hatred.

At this point I leave you with an iconic song of the last century by John Lennon – Imagine. Lyrics can be found here.

Pax Vobiscum.


5 Responses to “To Love Man…”

  1. March 3, 2009 at 11:10 am

    Cyril, I’ve watched your evolution as a writer and from one amateur writer to a professional journalist, Cyril, do organise your thoughts a little…unless ofcourse you really do mean to be random. In my experience with reading literature, randomness is best if you do interior or dramatic monologues in prose like Simone de Beauvoir or if you do a stream of consciousness sort of Joyce-Woolf prose.

    • 2 Cyril
      March 3, 2009 at 11:21 am

      I am sure you are aware of the fact that rarely do I edit my blog posts.
      The fact is when it comes to such writing, I cannot be continuous, because there is so much to say, too much information, too many arguments and counter arguments.
      Although I am humbled by your comment, I will try my best to be a more organized and continuous when it comes to my writing.
      Thanks for following this humble celebration of the death of my intelligence.

      • 3 Cyril
        March 3, 2009 at 11:25 am

        And as far as my evolution is concerned I still have a long way to go, even if I were to catch up with you.

  2. March 4, 2009 at 5:27 pm

    “In the process of loving God, being one with him we have forgotten what love means. How can a man love others if he doesn’t know what love is, for to love others he has to love himself first; but that he cannot do for loving himself would mean being selfish and selfish people cannot love others.”
    hey maybe u can help me figure out how loving god one has forgotten the meaning of love.
    for all that i have known even the religious scriptures tell you to love yourself first and then only would u start appreciating others.only if u see the god in u can u start spreading more love.
    i know of a religious scripture on sai baba tht i had read and tht gave out the same moral..and loving yourself doesnt necessarily have to mean tht u r selfish to others..

    • 5 Cyril
      March 4, 2009 at 6:50 pm

      Hmmm…Rafi sahab, all I can do at the moment is smile at your utopian sense of the world.

      I will explain my claim by means of some real life examples:
      1. We go to church/temples/mosques for the love of God. We see people begging outside these institutions, we hand them alms, again for the love of God, cause God is sitting right behind us in that church/temples/mosques. And yet at when we see people begging at the traffic lights, at bus stops and busses, we shun them away. We talk of beautification of our cities, throwing these beggars out and razing the slums without pausing once to think about their plight.
      Love for God does not translate to love for man
      2. Another example. A man and a woman are married before the altar of God. They vow to remain faithful for the rest of their lives. They go to the house of God on every designated day of the week. Yet at some point when either of them falls in love with a third person, they share bed without the spouse knowing, they keep fooling the spouse until everything is a mess.
      Again, if you love man you’d rather tell your spouse about how things are, instead of giving an oscar nomination worth of performance because you don;t love man and live instead on some strange rules spelled out by the society disguised as God. Or because your guilt which is a result of your assumed sense of morality does not permit you to love yourself or place your emotions above others’
      And again being selfish does not just mean loving yourself but to also place your emotions above others’ and hence by reasoning reach your sense of morality instead of believing in the objective morality set by the world, like Heidegger said “Higher reasoning leads to morality”

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